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2/6/19 | Varsity Girls' Basketball FINAL
42 DeLand Bulldogs
51 at Spruce Creek
2/5/19 | Varsity Girls' Basketball FINAL
20 Mandarin
54 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
1/31/19 | JV Girls' Basketball FINAL
29 Forest Lake
33 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
1/31/19 | Varsity Girls' Basketball FINAL
18 Forest Lake
41 vs. DeLand Bulldogs
1/30/19 | JV Girls' Basketball FINAL
39 DeLand Bulldogs
19 at Father Lopez

Coaches Corner

Coach Moore Creating a fundamentally sound program is about being successful in game-time situations. We emphasis Summer Play, practice basic layups so that during the season, mistakes are not an issue. I just let them play the game, and get plenty of experience. I started coaching 2000 at Seminole High School. In 2006, I moved over to Deltona and became the assistant coach. This is my first year building a program and I am looking forward to it. My goal is to gather support from the girls in Middle School, and building them from the ground-up. Read More